Green Tea Hydrate Oil – Dry/Mature Skin


It doesn’t seem right to use oil to cleanse your face, but if you use like for like it actually works. Not using soaps or other cleansing creams or lotions (which dry out your skin) oils lift off the excess dirt and grim and remove it.

Oona Rose Cleansing oil is full of great oils, such as Argan oil, this oil is extremely hydrating, protects the skin and keeps it looking youthful. Rich in Vitamin E, COQ10 and plant steroids which reduces inflammation.

Rose Geranium Essential oils astringent effect allows skin tissue to tighten and contract, significantly reducing the appearance of wrinkles, also with antioxidant effects which slows down the ageing of the skin.

Prickly Pear oil, is an opulent rich oil that is fast acting and effective in aiding the regeneration of new skin cells, increasing collagen production, reducing the appearance of wrinkles and leaving the skin glowing.

Along with all the other oils included, this makes for an amazing cleansing oil.

Regular use of oil can help to improve the skins barrier function, which prevents unwanted bacteria or pathogens from entering your skin surface.

Oil cleansing is best to do on a daily basis. Its best to do at the end of the day to remove impurities and to leave your with hydrated, soft smooth skin.

The process is quite simple, you heat your face with hand hot water using a wash cloth.

Take 4-6 drops of the oil and rub gently onto your face, massage the oil gently to remove all the dirt and grim trapped in your pores.

Then take the wash cloth wet with the hand hot water, and rub gently over your face, rinse the cloth and repeat, do this step several times.

After you’ve finished the cleansing, your skin should feel soft and moisturised, but not irrupted, overly greasy of dry. If it feels greasy, you may have used too much oil for the cleansing, so reduce the amount of oil you are using.




Ingredients: Olive Leaf extract. Green Tea extract, Carrot Seed oil, Abyssinian oil, Sea Buckthorne Seed oil, Harakeke extract, Glycerine, Rosemary Ess oil, Vitamin E, Bakuchi Oil, Blackcurrent seed oil.